Innovative Injection Molding and Engineering Solutions.


About Us

We are a highly engineered custom injection plastics molder specializing in thermoplastic manufacturing from components through final assembly and retail packaging. We have been a market leader since 1968 by partnering with the world’s leading companies and consistently looking for ways to exceed their expectations. Based in Lakeville, MN we have three manufacturing locations and two distribution centers from which we service North America.

Technology and Capabilites

The process of injection molding can be defined as a manufacturing process where heated molten plastic is forced into a mold cavity under pressure.
In-Mold Decorating (IMD) is the process of bonding a compatible decorative component to a plastic part during the injection molding process.
Imperial Plastics specializes in multi-shot injection molding, and the design of high quality multi-shot tools for a wide variety of applications.
Imperial Plastics is one of the pioneers in the industry using both Low Pressure Multi Nozzle Structural Foam / Web and High Pressure Injection Foam.
If your heavy wall sectioned part requires a more cosmetic surface Imperial Plastics offers Multi-Nozzle structural web molding.
This process allows you to design thick and thin wall sections in the same part without the inherent molded-in stress traditional molding would yield.
Insert molding can best be described as injection molding a plastic material around an insert of a different material or substrate.
From basic installation of sub-components to operations that involve complex assemblies, we offer experience and skills in several types of assembly.
The different post mold decorating methods provide different capabilities and benefits. The decision of which option to use depends on your project.
Several different welding/bonding processes can be used to join two materials together in a secondary operation. The selection of a specific process begins during the design phase.
We have the capability to paint with water based and urethane based paints. Parts are prepped using one of our four sanding booths providing a dust free environment for paint adhesion.

Additional Services

Imperial has a solid core of Engineers to support a customer's project(s) from concept to arrival on your dock and beyond.
We provide the highest quality product by engaging with you in the early stages of your product planning, outlining expectations, and your requirements.
We work directly with many of the worlds largest suppliers sourcing the materials and services needed to produce quality parts for our customers.
At Imperial Plastics we utilize Design for Manufacturability along with mold flow analysis to ensure tool performance meets or exceeds your satisfaction.