Supporting your success

We work directly with many of the worlds largest suppliers sourcing the materials and services needed to produce quality parts for our customers.

Imperial Plastics procures high quality components, materials, and services to provide you the best solution for your needs.  We leverage our large purchasing volume to offer our customers highly competitive material pricing. Our supplier community includes leading domestic and international sources who we evaluate alongside of new sources to bring you the quality and value you need when you need it.

Raw Material - Resin

Imperial Plastics has a vast selection of resins. From highly engineered grades to commonly used commodity resins, Imperial Plastics processes well over 25 million pounds of resin annually. To meet your needs, we work with a wide range of resin manufacturers, distributors, and compounders.

Specialty Components

To support the full array of value-added services, our professional global sourcing team will partner with your supply chain to procure specialty components required to complete secondary operations such as painting, welding, assembly, etc.

Supply Chain Integration

Imperial Plastics has a fully integrated supply chain backed by a comprehensive ERP and MRP system that tracks and controls material flow from the receiving dock through the production process to you. When possible we marry our suppliers’ and your systems into our system to increase visibility, efficiency, and accuracy.

Out Sourced Services

When your unique requirements fall outside the current capabilities of Imperial Plastics we can provide a wide variety of outsourced value added services. Our global network of suppliers is well positioned to give you a competitive advantage.